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Indira & Luis

Besides the work being absolutely amazing our favorite part about working with Lenny & Melissa, was their personalities. Super down to earth, professional, funny, overall great vibes, good times, and good laughs. We chose them as our photographers because of the connection we had and we can honestly say we made two good friends in the process. We highly recommend Lenny & Melissa because they were amazing! Extremely reliable, professional, flexible, PATIENT, but above all great people to have around supporting you throughout the entire wedding planning period and the day of. Our most memorable and funny moments were when they were teaching us how to pose. Which we still use by the way! The experience we had with Lenny & Melissa is one of a kind. You get what you pay for and the quality of their work and products is outstanding. Invest in capturing your memories through pictures and video, because that day is going to fly and when I look back on it, it's all a blur, but I literally have so many great pictures to help me remember every detail of the best day of my life.

Epic Hotel Miami Wedding

Jaclyn & Nikhil

Lenny & Melissa are the Rolls Royce of wedding photography. They are top notch and we couldn't be happier with our decision to choose them as our wedding photographers! We felt comfortable, loved how our personalities clicked with theirs, and we had an amazing experience. Their knowledge and experience are top of the class, and we were so extremely happy with the quality of our photos!

Robbins Park Lodge Wedding

Kristina & Pedro

Working with Lenny & Melissa was without a doubt an amazing experience! Mother Nature tried to throw a wrench in our plans for the day, and despite all the planning in advance and timelines, we had to change some things around! This included such a big change as having the ceremony and reception both inside the Lodge, with different layouts for each... we had initially planned on the ceremony being outside by the Gazebo. Lenny and Melissa worked with us through all the chaos and last-minute changes... They didn't miss a thing and all of the moments that made our day so special were captured by them! They even had a big clear umbrella on hand so we could get the outside shots we wanted! This all is of course in addition to them being genuinely an overall amazing couple to work with! They are great people and we definitely look forward to keeping in touch with them. Also, I can't leave out how meaningful it was for them to choose us as their first LM Wedding Giveaway winners! Them donating their time and talents so we could capture our wedding day in a way we would not have otherwise been able to do is a priceless gift that we will forever treasure. Looking back at the amazing photographs they took for both our engagement shots and our wedding day, it is clear that this duo has a talent unlike anything we've ever personally experienced.

Our wedding day would not have been the same without Lenny and Melissa. They were such a pleasure to work with and helped us navigate through all that we wanted captured with such ease! I would hands-down recommend Lenny and Melissa to anyone. Their work is truly gorgeous and the effort they put into their work is unparalleled!


Jiovanni & Hartley

I’m in tears. The images are stunning!


Alex & Amos

Lenny & Melissa run a fine-tuned operation. They are dedicated to achieving excellent results while maintaining a comfortable atmosphere throughout the entire experience. We LOVE our wedding photos, prints and album. You guys are awesome!

NatalieJustin_W524 edit.jpg

Natalie & Justin

Planning my wedding was not only incredibly stressful, but it was also probably the most exciting time I've had in my life...and I owe the majority of that to Lenny & Melissa.

I first met Lenny and Melissa at a bridal show about 11 months before my wedding date. They had beautiful albums and some larger display pictures and I immediately fell in love with their style. The dramatic and somewhat edgy feel of their captured moments totally reeled me in. So I approached them about an engagement photo shoot and I booked them immediately. There aren't enough words to describe how pleased we were with the engagement shoot. They allowed us to have 2 separate outfits, and 2 different locations in Miami. They spent the day with us making sure our photos came out perfect. About 2 weeks later, we were able to see the finished product and it blew our minds. My fiancé and I could not believe how amazing the pictures turned out. To this day, people comment all the time on my engagement photos.

My wedding was set for 10 months later in October, and it was a destination wedding in the mountains of North Georgia. I was so happy when I saw my engagement photos, yet incredibly sad at the same time knowing that I would have to find new photographers who would be in Georgia for our wedding. Lenny and Melissa however, made no hesitation to travel for our wedding. They were super accommodating, and made my day so much more special. They even flew in 2 days BEFORE the wedding just to be there in case we wanted a photo shoot before saying "I do". I invited them to my rehearsal dinner as a thank you on the strict rule that they were NOT to work that night, but of course, being the professionals they are, they tried to photograph that event too. I could not have asked for a better experience.

The day of your wedding goes by in the blink of an eye. All you're left with are memories and hopefully amazing pictures. Lenny & Melissa did not disappoint. They not only met but also exceeded my expectations. I will forever look at my wedding photos and smile, and I have Lenny and Melissa to thank for that.


Jennifer & John

Going into wedding planning, we knew that photography was one of the most important things to us. Photos are forever, so we had high expectations. As we drove to Vizcaya for our session, we were nervous because we have never taken professional photographs before. We were unsure what to expect in terms of how to stand, where to stand, where to put our arms, where to put our legs, where to look, etc. However, as soon as we started, Lenny and Melissa made it so easy. They walked us through every single shot, telling us exactly what to do. They gave us tips and pointers throughout, and made the entire experience enjoyable! Our favorite part was actually the reveal! We had so much anticipation built up to see our first engagement photos and had no idea what to expect. The first thing Lenny and Melissa showed us was our custom slideshow. It gave us both goosebumps as we watched, and brought Jenn to tears. As we went through every single photo, we could both remember taking each one. We remembered what Lenny and Melissa told us for each shot, and we were able to relive the day through the photos. Although narrowing down the photos was very tough, we loved going through each and every one. The funniest moment was definitely when a mosquito landed on John's head during a pose. Jenn saw it, but held her pose and did not swat it away! After Lenny said he had the shot, she smacked the bug off John's head. Afterward, everyone said she should have done it as Lenny was shooting. It would have made for a pretty funny photo! Our engagement photos exceeded our expectations. We enjoyed every moment of the sessions, and we cannot wait to have the prints hanging on our walls. Lenny and Melissa are so accommodating, so encouraging, and they make you feel like models!!


Isabella & Erik

A picture is worth thousand words. When you look back on your first day as husband and wife, you're going to want your beautiful story to come to life. The picture books that Lenny and Melissa offer give you that perfect story for you to sit down with your grandchildren and reliving that perfect day. Not having this option and simply downloading your pictures at the end of the day can cost you precious memories if they just get lost in the cloud. Having Lenny and Melissa there with us on our wedding day will give us peace of mind to enjoy it to the fullest. They're extremely professional and will not let you down. They certainly did not disappoint.

Erik & Isabella

Esther & Joel

Let me start off by saying that there aren’t enough words as to how pleased and happy my husband and I are with their service. From the first meeting we knew Lenny & Melissa would be our wedding photographers.They love what they do and enjoy doing it. The product is beyond high quality and their service makes the images that much better.We highly recommend Lenny & Melissa as photographers for anyones wedding… If you want everlasting memories, this is who you book! Thank you again for everlasting memories.

Love, Esther & Joel

Stephanie & Rich

L&M are seriously the best ever! They were so nice. From the moment I met them at the bridal show I knew I wanted them to be my wedding photographers. They made us feel so comfortable. Our engagement shoot was so much fun, and on our wedding day everyone loved them! I couldn’t have imagined things any better. Our pictures are AMAZING!! Their style is different and dramatic and exactly what I wanted our wedding photos to be. Their customer service is beyond amazing. Everything with them is an incredible experience from the photo shoots to the photo viewings. We have created such a bond with them that we couldn’t imagine our wedding day without them!


Bianca & Bryant

Thank you for giving me the wedding of my dreams!


Ali & Dan

We actually had zero intentions of having an engagement shoot! But after we saw Lenny and Melissa's work at a bridal expo, we wanted to work with them SO badly because we loved their work. We planned a date for June and Melissa was in contact with us every step of the way. Whether it was sending outfit choices or changing where we wanted to do the shoot, Melissa was incredible.

When it came to the actual day of the shoot, we have no words to express how much we loved working with Lenny and Melissa. They made us laugh the entire time, and I never once stressed about how a picture would look because I trusted them so much. We walked out of the session feeling like a million bucks, and we had made lifelong friends. When we received our pictures, I cried because of how incredible they were. They truly captured the love that Dan and I have for each other and I'm so happy to have these pictures forever.

If anyone is questioning whether or not to use Lenny and Melissa, stop questioning and book them. You will not regret it.


Michelle & Michael

We discovered Lenny & Melissa through a friend of mine who has hired them for her wedding. After following them on Instagram and seeing their beautiful work as well as all the wonderful things my friend said about them, I knew we just had to reach out to them. They were in Florida at the time so we had a video call to discuss the process and what they offered. As we were video chatting with them, I scribbled a note to Michael, "I love them!!" Shortly after our video call, I was sure to call Lenny to make sure that we could lock in our date!

Working with Lenny & Melissa while wedding planning has been the best decision we've made. Not only is their photography work absolutely incredible, but they are also such a big help with the whole wedding planning process in general--from creating a timeline of our wedding day to recommending vendors and telling us what time to put on our invitations! They truly understand the intricacies of the wedding business and have immensely helped us be prepared during this process!

As far as their photography goes, their ability to find amazing spots and come up with beautiful picture ideas on the fly is remarkable. They also know how to make us feel special and important by listening to what we wanted, but also not overwhelming us with directions and orders. They are compassionate, dedicated professionals who love what they do and it truly shows in their work! We are so excited to continue to work with them for our wedding day (and afterwards!)

Michelle & Michael


Nicole & Mark

We heard about Lenny & Melissa through my cousin. She got married in August 2015. The day was beautiful but she did not have much to show for it as her photographer soon disappeared. It turned out more than 20 brides had gotten scammed by this photographer. The brides went to the news for help. Help arrived in the form of Lenny & Melissa! They saw the story online and soon reached out to the brides to see if they could be of assistance. My cousin soon had a beautiful album to remember her wedding day. She passed along their info and we knew we had to pay it forward by meeting with them. We instantly connected and knew they would be a great fit. We did not even meet with anyone else after them. Anyone that could do such an amazing deed was someone we wanted to work with! The photos they take are unique and dramatic. Their attention to detail is incomparable. They are quick to respond and accommodating to my crazy bride questions! We would highly recommend anyone doing a shoot with their photographer before the wedding. After our engagements shoot with Lenny & Melissa, it does not feel like we have the people we hired coming to take pictures, it feels like friends! We cannot wait to see the amazing memories they capture on our wedding day.


Emily & Duncan

The photos you guys took of us are all I ever go back and look at. It means more than you’ll ever know to have them.


Natalie & Joshua

Our faces still hurt from laughing the entire time while working with Lenny & Melissa! Our funny and memorable moments are probably not blog appropriate...but some include Josh's solution to climbing up to sit on the tree branch that turned out to be a lot higher than we originally thought, learning how to turtle, singing the deliverance banjo song, seeing how alike Josh and Melissa are, Lenny and Josh getting ready for their very own photo session with their initials carved in the tree, and getting kicked out of every single place that we went! We had never done a photoshoot before, and I was especially nervous about getting professional makeup done prior—but with advice from Lenny & Melissa, we ended up having an absolute blast! Lenny and Melissa are so caring and truly love what they do. They will make you feel beautiful, comfortable, and they'll keep surprising you along the way. You'll have so much fun with the process! They went above and beyond for us, and they made our experience extremely special!


Michelle & Richard

Amazing people and incredibly talented photographers!


Amie & Nate

Lenny & Melissa are absolutely the best! We would highly recommend them to anyone we know looking for photographers! They take the time to really listen to what you want, and produce amazing results! Thank you guys so much for capturing our wedding day! xoxo, Amie & Nate


Stephanie & Rich

I love how personal you both are, and detail oriented in your photography style.


Patty & Mario

We were naturally nervous about the experience due to neither of us having taken professional photos—but once we met Lenny & Melissa that feeling quickly faded. Lenny & Melissa welcome you into their lives and treat you like long time friends—which made the experience and our photos better than we would’ve ever imagined. We quickly learned to trust in them, and with that came an artistic and natural approach in each and every photo. They made us look great, we had a blast, and we couldn’t be happier that they were a part of our wedding. (Side note: Lenny has a great taste in music)


Viviana & Leo

The most important thing for me was to make sure that Leo felt comfortable, he really dislikes the camera, but you guys made us feel like family! Seeing him collaborating because of how comfortable he felt was priceless! We were also very surprised when we found out that you had arrived to the place more than an hour prior to scout the area and find the best spots for our photos.. You guys rock! You are great photographers (very experienced and knowledgeable) and know how to work with people and make them comfortable. THANK YOU!


Priscilla & Alejandro

Thank You guys so much! We are IN LOVE with the photos and had a great experience with you guys. We truly appreciate your kindness and hospitality. Also, the app is awesome! Thank you for that detail. You were apart of making our journey that much more memorable. We wish you two many blessings & safe travels.


Colleen & Jay

They captured the best photos of us and our guests on our wedding day! Both Lenny and Melissa knew what we wanted and delivered. We have the best photographs we could ever imagine.

The day of our wedding was nervous and stressful, but they were there for whatever we needed! They are great!

The pictures speak for themselves :)

We absolutely love Lenny and Melissa!

Liberty State Park Engagement

Shalanda & Kelvin

I found out about Lenny and Melissa on Instagram. They were giving away an engagement and wedding photography package. I signed up hopeful but, with no expectation to win. I didn't even tell my fiance much about the giveaway at all. Although we didn't win the giveaway Lenny and Melissa reached out to us interested in working with us.

We did a video call and both my fiance and I vibed with them from the beginning! They were lighthearted and funny and interested in us as a couple and not just securing a job. The engagement shoot only cemented our feelings about Lenny and Melissa. They kept us going! They made us so comfortable that we laughed pretty much throughout our entire session. Not only that but they were able to capture our true essence as couple in each photograph. We are anxiously awaiting our wedding day to shoot again with Lenny & Melissa and create new memories with them.

Future clients should know that they can be at ease when working with Lenny & Melissa. You are in perfect hands! They will encourage you to be yourself and bring out the best parts of you and your partner through their photos. While looking at our photos again at home both Kelvin and I agree that you guys were able to see us completely! They all look so natural, happy and in love. Be prepared to be blown away!

nyc engagement photography

Mandy & Marvin

Both of us loved how careful and creative they are. Nothing is rushed or done carelessly. Lenny has a pretty cool sense of humor and Melissa encourages/feeds into it. They compliment each other and work well together. They've created such a great team among each other its contagious. We are absolutely confident our wedding photos will be gorgeous. Both Marvin and I love candid photos. Lenny and Melissa exceeded our expectations. We're really looking forward to the wedding photos!